Feedback & Assessment

Automated Feedback and Assessment

The learner's critical thinking skills, problem solving processes, and knowledge competence are automatically measured and assessed by the web-based platform. 


Problem solvers receive detailed descriptive feedback about their investigative, analytical, and argument construction processes. Each scenario requires investigation, reflection, analysis and the construction of one or more arguments in support of a point of view.  The resolution to the problem can have any number of possible approaches and arguments.  

Learner errors are automatically highlighted in red and the platform's automated detailed descriptive feedback about alternative approaches provide concrete, useful information that empowers the learner to advance their critical thinking, problem solving skills, and knowledge competence.  

In addition to the automated descriptive feedback, the platform provides extensive quantitative analytics measuring learner performance along a number of key critical thinking, problem solving and knowledge competence metrics. Instructors can use these quantitative metrics to assist individual students, focus class discussions on the areas of need, and assess individual and group achievement and progress.

The rich array of assessment metrics also enables the problem scenarios to be used purely for assessment purposes where so desired.

Uncovering and Addressing Thinking Flaws

One of the more exciting uses of the assessment analytics by current customers has been the ability to reveal and highlight the several thinking flaws that typically arise in students' problem solving processes. Instructors are now able to clearly identify the critical thinking and problem solving issues and clearly communicate the specific assistance needed to help students to progress. This has been "eye opening" for students and instructors alike, and typically leads to real time changes in what and how students are instructed.

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Feedback & Assessment