Custom or Existing Problem Scenarios

Captivating stories embodying a problem in need of resolution are available for use on the platform. However, anyone can also create their own scenarios or co-create them with findingQED to have story-based scenarios that best fit the needs of their specific context. 

Our problem scenario framework can support any story at any level of richness and complexity and pertain to any set of topics, so long as there is one or more problems arising in the story that need resolving and there exists a basis for investigating the situation, analyzing the information, formulating a solution, and supporting the solution point of view with a well-reasoned fact-based argument. The stories and the problems arising in such scenarios are limited only by one's imagination.

See more in the "How it Works" and "Custom vs Existing Scenarios" sections below.

Who is this For?

findingQED's powerful framework enables custom designed problem scenarios for any context, topic, and skill level, including scenarios for:

  • students in middle school, high school, or college
  • professionals wanting to sharpen their thinking capabilities
  • applying specific course or subject matter content
  • applying problem solving that relies solely upon age appropriate general knowledge

Rich Automated Descriptive Feedback

Based upon widely accepted learning research, each scenario interaction generates highly descriptive automated feedback that supports deep learning and development of critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Extensive quantitative assessment metrics highlight skills achievement, areas of need, and progress over time, providing powerful data for learner and instructors alike.  

See more in the "Feedback & Assessment" section below.

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